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We specialise in custom development, databases, integration, support, data manipulation and so much more. Located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Gold Coast, Darwin, Central Coast and Northern NSW our consultants deliver a prompt, quality service with competitive pricing.

Custom Office Solutions: Microsoft Office Consulting Services

Custom Office Solutions

Custom Office Solutions

  • Need our experts to help?
  • Excel, Access, Word
  • Outlook, PowerPoint
  • Extend functionality
  • Process automation
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VBA - Visual Basic for Applications: Microsoft Office Experts Group - Microsoft Excel Experts

VBA and Macro Development

VBA/Macro Development

  • Need a VBA expert to automate tasks or extend Office functionality?
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Microsoft Azure Integration: Microsoft Office Experts Group

Cloud Based Solutions With Azure

Azure Cloud Based Solutions

  • Your documents, workbooks and databases can be cloud and web enabled with Azure.
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Third Party Application Integration including APIs. Microsoft Office Experts Group

3rd Party Application or Office Integration

Office Integration

  • Want to extend a 3rd party product with Office?
  • Need to link an Office app, CRM, accounting package or data files to Office?
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Online Solutions: Microsoft Office Experts Group - Microsoft Excel Experts - Microsoft Word Experts

Online Solutions

Online Solutions

  • Do you want your documents, spreadsheets and databases to be available online?
  • Need help with Office 365, SharePoint or Google Docs ?
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Microsoft SQL Server Integration: Microsoft Office Experts Group - Microsoft Excel Experts

Office and SQL Server

Office and SQL Server

  • Want an existing or new SQL Server setup to access from your Office products?
  • We deliver the best solutions for your needs and budget.
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Add-Ins Programming: Microsoft Office Experts Group

Custom Add-in Creation

Custom Add-in Creation

  • Need a new Office add-in?
  • Our experts can create an add-in to help your organisation automate tasks and enhance productivity.
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Upgrades and Migration: Microsoft Office Experts Group

Upgrades and Migration

Upgrades and Migration

  • Are your workbooks, documents or databases not functioning correctly under your version of Office?
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