This Refund Policy should be read in conjunction with our Service Agreement. Your rights under the Service Agreement can be found at section 15.

1. Refunds for legal services provided
Office Experts Group is bound by Australian Consumer Law (‘ACL’) obligations to provide IT services with due care and skill within a reasonable period of time. These obligations constitute consumer guarantees by law.
In the unlikely event that we have failed to meet a consumer guarantee, you are entitled to a reasonable remedy. This may include:
• discounting our fees
• providing you with a credit
• providing you with a full or partial refund of the fees that you have paid
The remedy will depend on the circumstances and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
If you are not satisfied by or believe that the remedy we have offered you is reasonable, we will engage in dispute resolution, as per section 15 of our Services Agreement.

2. Online payment disputes
Online credit card payments are currently processed using a third party payment gateway service provided by Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA).
If you believe there has been an error in an online payment you have made and you are seeking a refund, we recommend that you contact your financial institution to clarify the transaction.
If your financial institution is unable to resolve the issue, please contact us and we will discuss the issue with CBA.