Custom Office Solutions

Need an expert to help you with Excel, Access, Word, Outlook or PowerPoint. We have designers and programmers who can create customised solutions to fit your needs!

VBA and Macro Development

Do you need an experienced VBA programmer to help automate your tasks or to extend the functionality of Microsoft Office? If so our experienced programmers can help with even the most advanced requirements!

Cloud Based Solutions Using Azure

Would you like your Office documents, workbooks or databases to store their data in the cloud so it can be shared via the web?

3rd Party Application or Office Integration

Do you have another Office application, CRM, accounting packages, data files or another 3rd party product that you want linked to an Office product? Do you want to extend a 3rd party products functionality using Office?

Online Solution

Do you need your documents, spreadsheet or database online? Do you need help with Office 365, SharePoint or Google docs? One of our programmers would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Office and SQL Server

Do you have an existing or new SQL server setup and would like to access the data from your Microsoft Office products?

Add-in Creation

Do you need an add-in built for an office product? Our experienced programmers can create an add-in for your organisation to help automate your tasks and deal with your requirements.

Upgrading From Past Version

Are your Office workbooks, documents or databases not functioning correctly under your version of Office? One of our experts can help resolve your issues.