Office and SQL Server Integration

Office and SQL Server Integration2018-07-15T19:21:43+00:00

We can setup custom solutions for you in Access, Excel, Word and Visual Studio which can modify and extract data from SQL Server databases.

Some examples of solutions our team of professionals can build for you are:
• Create an Excel Dashboard that extracts data automatically from SQL Server and sets up your pivot charts and tables in your workbook for a periodic report.
• Automatically generate Word documents for your customers using the data in your existing SQL Server database(s).
• Create a database interface in Visual Studio or Microsoft Access to allow you to interact with your SQL Server data.
• Automatically generate a monthly PowerPoint presentation from your SQL Server data.
• Extend the functionality of an existing application that uses SQL Server as its back-end database.

Our experts are available talk through your requirements and explain how we can help you!

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