3rd Party Application or Office Integration

3rd Party Application or Office Integration2018-07-15T19:15:38+00:00

All Microsoft Office products include a macro language called VBA.

With macros we can create automated solutions to increase productivity and reduce man hours, decrease costs, validate user tasks and link your Office application with 3rd party products.

All Office products come with macro recorders which allow you to record a series of steps you would like to be able to repeat. In recording a macro, the Office product automatically creates the VBA code for those steps, but the macro recorder is just the tip of the iceberg.

If your 3rd party product has an ODBC database driver or an API, it is very likely that we can link to the data, extract it and use the data in Excel, Word, Access or PowerPoint. In many cases, we can help you upload data to the 3rd party application as well.

We have created custom solutions that link to products including MYOB, Pronto, Sales Force, MailChimp and databases including SQL Server, Azure, Access, MySQL and Oracle. Office can be a cost effective method of extending the functionality of your 3rd party application.

Do you have an Office or CRM application, an accounting package, or another 3rd party product that you want link Excel or other Office products to? Our professional consultants can advise you of the best way forward for your business.

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