Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-07-16T07:39:19+00:00
Is Our Information Kept Confidential?2018-01-01T02:14:04+00:00

Yes – All of our consultants sign a strong Confidentiality Agreement with us before they work with any of our clients. You can also read our Privacy Policy statements.

We also can sign your CA (Confidentiality Agreements) or NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) if your company or your clients require it prior to engagement.

Your information is a priority for us, so please ask if you have any more questions.

How Can We Pay You For Your Services?2018-03-05T11:33:27+00:00

Our clients prefer to pay invoices online through our easy and secure eWAY payment system. For your convenience, we include a “Pay Now” link in our invoices which takes you to a secure page on our website to pay your full invoice by Visa, Mastercard or American Express. There is no registration or password required.

If you would rather not pay your invoice online, simply call us to pay with the following methods over the phone:

How Do You Charge?2018-01-01T02:16:43+00:00

There are no hidden costs and we even offer free initial client consultations.
We have a range of pricing options to suit your requirements and needs, including:

  1. Time and Materials (T&M): Hourly and daily rates for adhoc consulting, either onsite or by remote access.
  2. Quotes: Fixed price quotes for known requirements.
  3. Estimates: Estimates based on the known requirements and past experiences in similar projects.
  4. Fixed Budget Quotes: If you have a budget, we can provide a quote to stay within your budget.
Do you Come Onsite or Work Remotely?2018-01-01T02:16:49+00:00

Both – We conduct about 95% of our work via remote access. Using remote access software allows our consultants to help you quickly and efficiently. It allows us to keep costs down and offer instant support when you need it. We use Team Viewer and Skype for remote access support but if your company uses other reputable remote access software, we are happy to use it.

If it best meets your needs, our staff can come and work onsite. We currently have consultants in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Darwin and Northern NSW and the Central Coast of NSW.

What Skills Do You Have In Your Company?2018-07-15T09:59:11+00:00

With such a large group of extremely experienced designers and programmers we work in most things Microsoft and have also worked with a number of 3rd party accounting, CRM and other applications. Here is a general list of our skills below, but be sure to call and discuss your requirements. At the very least we will be able to point you in the right direction.

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Publisher Design

Microsoft Excel Design

VBA/Macro programming for Office including Excel, Word, Access, Outlook and Powerpoint.

Microsoft Access database design and programming

Microsoft Cloud Based Access/Visual Studio/SQL server database and Office solutions using Azure

3rd party product API and ODBC integration

Web based solutions using and PHP

Add in Development for Office using VSTO

SQL Server DBA and development

Office 365/Sharepoint Support and Development

.net Development using and

Azure Mobile Apps, Azure API Integration, Azure ASP Web forms.

Didn’t find the answer to your question?2018-10-18T09:45:06+00:00

Simply complete our Contact Us form and one of our expert consultants will promptly get back to you.

Do we Service International Clients?2018-10-18T09:44:58+00:00

Yes we service clients from all around the world and have a number of clients in New Zealand, USA, Papua New Guinea, UK and many more countries. We help all of these clients via remote access. Contact us, Call us to discuss your needs, or email us your requirements and we can offer our advice and costs.

Call us to discuss your needs!